Monday, June 26, 2006

Bitter Brew

I love black tea. Just the tea leaves, boiled.
Nobody in my immediate family drinks (at least used to drink, now yours truly drinks tea now) coffee or tea. Which to some, can sound like "nobody in my immediate family has five fingers". Did somebody say, "Freaks!! They deserve to be sold off to the nearest travelling freak show."?

While I was pretending to study Computer Science so that my father would continue to feed me, I first started drinking tea. I had to, in order to continue pretending to study, I had to convince some total ogres and some other buffoons that they should let me continue to pretend to study.
And this required that I endure a few weeks of intense siberian torture sessions where I would be asked questions that sounded a little like, "Confess! You are a worm trying to pass of as human. Confess! And Repent!"
Sometimes, exams could also be like this:

Well, it was then that I first befriended black tea. I found the taste too bitter and would add tons of sugar to it. Ostensibly, this was to keep me awake so that I could go through the "character building" sessions that were strangely, for some reason, called examinations . Maybe, those critters did have a sense of humour of their own, albeit twisted :D

After I was tired of pretending to study, I convinced somebody to let be pretend to work. Now, this was infinitely more easier for me, so easy, in fact, that I lost touch with my pal, black tea. For a long time later (not too long, I am only 8 years old) I used Diet coke as an awesome substitute

I met my old pal a year or so back, when I got tired of drinking kiddish coloured water that passes off as some exotic drink at Cafe, Coffee Day and decided to try tea. It was the bitterness in my pal that so endeared him to me this time around. I felt no need to add anything. Awesome. I have been hooked ever since.

I am readin this book "Plant Intoxicants - A Classic text on the use of mind altering plants" by Baron Ernst von Bibra where he puts it oh so sweetly, wondering why we adultrate the wonderful tasting tea with substances like milk and sugar.

And coming to the book, it was decent. It is more of a scientific dairy that describes the cultivation, harvesting, processing and usage of various plant intoxicants such as tea, coffee , opium, tobacco, hashish etc... The most interesting chapter was about Betel leaves and arecanuts.

A really pointless and rambling post, but I am just recovering from the fungal infection of the AC ducts in my office :D


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