Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chimps released from detention recently

Here is an e-mail I got from some random person, who I dont even know. I shall reproduce it in full (well, almost) just so that the effect is not lost:
(Please note that this e-mail is a confirmed hoax (DUH!), I have a reply from IMA to prove it, take a look at the e-mail from IMA Hon. Joint Secretary, Dr. Dharam Prakash at the end of this post)

Drinks released from IMA recently
Dear friends,

Pesticide Percentage(%) in cool drinks released from IMA recently.

1 Thums up 15.2%
2 Coke 13.4%
3 7 up 12.5%
4 Mirinda 10.7%
5 Pepsi 109%
6 Fanta 9.1%

If the Range exceeds
2.1%, then its very dangerous to the Human
Results in Cancer!
So don't drink any brand from
Coke and Pepsi!
This Message is from Indian Medical Association. Please pass it to
all known persons in your e-mails Save Indians!!!.............Save

With regards,


I feel a mixture of pity and loathing when I see things like this. Any person with basic congnitive capabilities and who has any IQ higher than that of a cerebrally challenged chimp high on LSD (CCCHL) should be able to make out what is plausible and what is outright gibberish (the mail above being a prime example of gibberish). And I know that the person who so proudly sent this e-mail to unknown people of all things has purpotedly studied science for more than a decade. I would like to flame torch the miscreant(s) who passed off as science teacher(s) to loathsome characters as these.

The IMA is the Indian Medical Association. It is a national level body of licensed medical practicioners. Pray, tell me, what do doctors have to do with testing pesticide levels in cool drinks??? And here we have the IMA miraculously releasing pesticide laced drinks :D

And look at the percentages! At these levels, people like me would have been composing this from the netherworld after all the internal organs are dissolved by the "pesticide".

I am sure another bunch of CCCHLs will have dutifully forwarded this e-mail to their respective torture lists amidst much high pitched screeching and chattering.

And look at the grand finale... Save India! Save Mankind! Yes, Mankind needs saving but from such simians with easy access to the internet and lots of time to kill and lots of energy to waste.

But this time I decided to give these CCCHLs a piece of my mind and replied to this mail starting with a "Who are you? How do I know you?" grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Is it any wonder that I belong here?

Added Later:

I had written to the IMA via their website and I have got this reply:
From:"Indian Medical Association-Projects" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 11:31:48 +0530
Dear Sir,
Received your email and noted the contents.
I wish to inform you that IMA has not conducted any study on the pesticide level.
With kind regards,
Dr. Dharam Prakash
Hony. Joint Secretary, IMA


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Hey, nice monkey on a computer. I'm sorry the picture I received was already wrinkled and didn't scan well. :)

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