Thursday, February 01, 2007

SMS your donations

Here is an SMS I got:

Reach out to God! Make offerings (Rs10-Rs150) via SMS! Sms to 64655 @ Rs4/msg. Dharmasthala-SDM; Mantralaya-SRS; SiddhiVinayak-SVT; Jalaram-JST

It reminded me of a discussion I had with crvin regarding opening a chain of Temples, modeled on McDonalds. Think about it, there will be consistency of service besides a host of other positives. You could for example, walk into any of our TcTemples (Mc, I think is trademarked! grr) and say "I would like a number 3 with extra flowers, please". How convenient!

We could offer premium services like consultation on errant and threatening planetary alignments and the solution for such alignments. Consulting on the best time to start businesses, etc.. In short, corporatising priestly services and maintaining consistent service levels. Only the best and highly qualified priests shall be hired!

We would also be able to leverage scale and multiple locations of the TcTemples to offer cheaper and quality services. There could even be TcTemple members who will be able to access special services at multiple locations.

OK, enough of fun. :-) (And sarcasm too, if you dint notice. Personally, I prefer heterogeneity. But, I admit, I am sometimes seduced by banality and homogeneity)

Religion, God and spirituality for the masses has always had an economic and commercial aspect to it. I do not think there is anything wrong about that. Even when you buy a book about philosophy or spirituality, you are paying money and getting what you want (hopefully). I may be cynical, I may be agnostic tending towards being an atheist, (I am still afraid that God or one of his cronies will somehow be able to screw my life up :D more than it is already) but I would sure like to believe that every human should have the tools and the chance to reflect and think about matters of the mind. And, I would surely like to believe that there are exceptions, truly great people who are in some way, (siiiiggghhh!, for lack of a better word) divine.
And, in my own little biased way, I think that the religion that I was born into and the religion of my ancestors is the freest of the free market religions.


Blogger kulkarni said...

Yenappa godgiri kade inclination!

3:35 AM  
Blogger nitboss said...

can i have #2 to-go? lol

12:12 AM  

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