Monday, October 16, 2006


It has been my fantasy from quite some time now. Quite some time. To be able to find and get married to an over worked, frigid, insecure, MBA, earning obscene amounts of money and who is into investment banking.
Yes, you heard me right there. I shall endeavour to present to you the compelling value proposition of such an arrangement.

First off, I shall be a stay at home husband. And my wife will have 14 hour work days and 10 hour weekends. I will be rich, because my wife will be rich. And since my wife is rich, we shall stay in one of those gated, exclusive communities that are filled with rich people. Imagine, I will be the lone bull in a community full of lonely women "home makers". All rich men have beautiful wives, don't they? And because they are all rich, they will have very little time for their "home making" wives :D. Now you know where I am getting to, dont ya? :D I shall be in the company of beautiful, lonely women pining for male company of the right kind ;-) (Did somebody choke there? Die you fiend!! People should note here that I am a stay at home husband and I can afford to spend 4 hours at my personal gym at my home, every day, with a sexy brazilian fitness trainer named Kátia)

Also, I could throw tantrums whenever I feel like buying a new sports car, or perhaps my own yatch anchored off the cost of Monaco. Periodic visits to exotic holiday locations all over the world. Ah!

What more can a man want?

But then, I guess this is more like reality :D [siiigghhhh!!!]
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Blogger Reena Mathews said...

Funny :)

10:08 AM  
Blogger Reena Mathews said...

Funny :)

10:08 AM  
Blogger Rimi said...

Hilarious. Incidentally, you pulling off your clothes and swinging (note verb) from branches is MORE likely, you say? ;-)

And if you DO spend 4 hours daily in the gym (anything involving sexy B. trainer should burn calories, I'm not picky), introduce me to the single men of your community, will you? :D

10:31 AM  

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