Thursday, September 07, 2006

The IMA hoax e-mail

I had written about one more of those hoax mails regarding pesticide levels in various soft drinks in India here.

While I did that, I also wrote to the IMA (Indian Medical Association), asking them if they have tested any soft drinks whatsoever. I know it is a stupid thing to ask, but I thought I might as well declare to the whole world that this is a HOAX!! And a rather dumb one at that, if I may humbly add.

And I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Dharam Prakash, Hony. Joint Secretary, IMA replied and confirmed the obvious.

I am going to reproduce the original e-mail (again) here as well as the reply from the IMA.

Drinks released from IMA recently
Dear friends,

Pesticide Percentage(%) in cool drinks released from IMA recently.

1 Thums up 15.2%
2 Coke 13.4%
3 7 up 12.5%
4 Mirinda 10.7%
5 Pepsi 109%
6 Fanta 9.1%

If the Range exceeds
2.1%, then its very dangerous to the Human
Results in Cancer!
So don't drink any brand from
Coke and Pepsi!
This Message is from Indian Medical Association. Please pass it to
all known persons in your e-mails Save Indians!!!.............Save

And here is the reply I got. I have edited it to discourage spambots.

From:"Indian Medical Association-Projects" Book Add Mobile Alert
To:my mail id
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 11:31:48 +0530
Dear Sir,
Received your email and noted the contents.
I wish to inform you that IMA has not conducted any study on the pesticide level.
With kind regards,
Dr. Dharam Prakash
Hony. Joint Secretary, IMA

Boy oh boy! Some satisfaction this :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont you think that this could partially be due to poor drinking water in India. If the water isn't up to par, then its making the soft drinks bad. I dont think we should immediately blame the soft drinks but we should look deeper into the problem.

5:05 PM  
Blogger tantrik-porter said...

Anon, that is precisely my point. It may be so that pesticide levels in soft drinks are higher in India (we do not know for sure), while not condoning that, the issue being made out looks like it is either for monetary benifit by certain greedy NGOs or because of the warped world view and desire for some publicity.
It could also be born out of a genuine desire to bring out the truth, but that is highly unlikely as in such a case there are more worthy targets.
Who will they extract money from if they make an issue out of say, high pesticide levels in vegetables/fruits or milk or heck, even the water supplied by various government agencies? And who will put them in prime time telivision?
Also, the water used does confirm to all standards for bottled water as per GoI norms AFAIK. Many people suspect the sugar that is used.

10:11 PM  

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